Editorial – From feminism to transgenderism

From feminism to transgenderism, or how we have gone from affirming women to erasing them.

I am a woman, I am a mother. Is it still possible to say that? Do these words still have meaning, or rather the same meaning for everyone ?

I used to think that the term « woman » simply referred to a female human being, but according to transgender activists, gender is merely a social construct, a label assigned arbitrarily at birth. This idea is reflected in French law, which authorises administrative gender changes without any medical conditions. This is the famous « transgenrism », which almost makes transexualism obsolete, which at least required transition surgery.

For the followers of this gender theory, I’m no longer a woman, I’m a « vulva person » or a « menstruating person ». How charming. I almost regret the outdated term ‘weaker gender’ when I see myself reduced to these gynaecological descriptions.

Do you think I’m exaggerating?

Take a look at this information campaign posted everywhere on our bus shelters inviting our children to visit the onsexprime.fr website. This government site, funded by our taxes, is aimed at children aged 11 and over and tells them, among other fun facts, how to perform sodomy in minute detail. This government, which is crawling under our children’s duvets, seems to have forgotten that there are still families in France to pass on moral and emotional guidelines, as well as a few healthy ideas about reproduction.

Above all, however, the government is unreservedly promoting gender theory, an ideological, misleading and dangerous delusion that claims that nature can make you be born in the wrong body. They call it trans-identity, giving scientific airs to a theory that has no medical basis whatsoever and that was born, above all, in sociology departments…

For these ideologues, even motherhood is no longer considered a prerogative of femininity, and the aberrant expression « pregnant men » is flourishing everywhere. So here we have women who stubbornly want to become men and who, once their transition has been recognised, want to perform the most feminine of functions: pregnancy and childbirth. Go figure.

This propaganda is so widespread in government departments, large companies, schools and social networks that we are witnessing an explosion of this phenomenon.

According to a 2020 survey, 48% of French secondary school students do not recognise themselves in the categories of men and women.

In Sweden, diagnoses of gender dysphoria have increased by 2,000% in ten years, to the extent that earlier this year the Swedish National Board of Health reversed itself and concluded that « the risks of hormone treatments currently outweigh the possible benefits ».

In the UK, the number of girls who have undergone hormone treatment has risen from 40 in 2009 to 1,806 in 2018, including little girls as young as 6!

I naively thought that the role of parents and society was to teach children to love themselves as they are, that adolescent discomfort was part of a normal stage of development towards adulthood, that you could be a tomboy and still be a woman, that sexual orientation was a practice and not an identity, but clearly I was wrong in the eyes of the transgender fanatics.

What do they say to young girls and women who feel bad about their bodies and their sexuality?  « Cut off your breasts, take synthetic hormones at the risk of infertility, rip off a piece of your arm and stick it between your legs and then, trust us, you’ll feel much better. And, if possible, start early, before puberty, for maximum effectiveness. Regardless of the immaturity of the children or the irreversible consequences for their development and health, they will become standard-bearers of the transgender cause and will be praised in all the media.

And beware of those who dare to stand in the way of the marvellous prospects of this new world !

I’m thinking of the father imprisoned in Canada for refusing to inject his underage daughter with testosterone and calling her by a male pronoun. I’m thinking of Geneviève de Fontenay, former president of the Miss France committee, who is being prosecuted for « transphobia ». Her crime? Denouncing the possibility of transgender candidates competing.

We’ve hit the nail on the head. This transgender ideology has become the enemy of women.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a biological woman you won’t be allowed to compete if you’ve had even the slightest plastic surgery, but if you’re a transgender ‘woman’ with a complete makeover, you’ll be more than welcome as a Miss France hopeful.

If you are a high-level sportswoman who has fought for years to achieve excellence, you will have to accept that all your sacrifices will be swept away by agreeing to compete with men who are recognised as women; like this ‘trans woman’ athlete (‘black’ and ‘Muslim’, as France Culture is careful to point out) who won a departmental athletics competition, reaching 58th place in the world in the women’s category, where he was only 980th at national level in the men’s category…

If you’re a modest woman, you’ll have to share your toilets with men, as in this college in Seine Saint-Denis where « mixed » toilets were recently inaugurated by the local councillors. Several rapes have been committed abroad in this type of « neutral » toilet, but this will be the price to pay for « inclusion ».

The same drama unfolded in prisons, where a Scottish man claiming to be a woman took advantage of his incarceration to rape several inmates, even though he himself had been convicted of rape…

But never mind, the fight against violence against women has become secondary for the neo-feminists. From now on, the central battle is to ensure that ‘women with penises’ get exactly the same treatment as biological women, and to do that, there’s nothing better than Drag Queens reading fairy tales to our children.

In the past, feminism consisted of defending equal rights and opportunities for men and women, but now its contemporary version strives to erase women, to deny their singularity behind a « neutrism » of which they are the first victims.

« In these times of universal imposture, telling the truth is a revolutionary act » prophesied George Orwell. So let’s start by reminding ourselves of a simple truth: a woman is a female human being.